NAFA Certified Technician Exam-MEMBER


The NAFA Certified Technician (NCT) Accreditation will provide NAFA members with a complete understanding of the different types of air filter housings found in HVAC systems along with recommendations of overall installation and maintenance of these systems.


Please Note: The NAFA Certified Technician Exam is based on the Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Air Filtration, 3rd  Ed., 2012.  If you do not already own a copy of this manual, you may order one online here:


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The NCT certification will provide the following Standards of Proficiency:


A NAFA Certified Technician (NCT) will be proficient in knowledge and understand the skill necessary to accomplish the following items;


I. Air Filters

The NCT will understand the basic principles of air filtration and their purpose and the different types of air filters by their numbers called minimum efficiency reporting values (MERV).


II. Mathematics

The NCT will understand the formula Q=VA as it applies to HVAC air movement through a filter. This equation will allow the NCT to understand the difference between face velocity and media velocity and its corresponding effect on pressure drop and dust holding.


III. Air Flow

The NCT will understand basic air flow through an HVAC system in general and the flow through a filter media in particular. They will understand how the air filter affects flow and pressure in the system and general rules for upgrading filter efficiency and/or system retrofit. They will understand the difference between upstream filter systems and downstream filter systems and know the advantages and disadvantages of each.


IV. Filter Systems

The NCT will know and understand the different air filter framing systems including:

  1. Built-Up filter bank using holding frames
  2. Modular Framing systems using prefabricated aluminum extrusion
  3. Media blanket framing using different fastening systems
  4. Prefabricated side-load filter housings
  5. Walk-in Plenums
  6. Automatic Roll Filters


V. Filter System in Operation

The NCT will understand and be able to utilize the checklist for filter operation as it pertains to prefilters and final filters. They will be able to spot problems and troubleshoot a system having problems.


VI. HEPA and HEPA Filter Systems

The NCT will be knowledgeable on HEPA filters and their application along with the framing system specifically designed for HEPA filters. They will be able recognize different types and designs by their configuration and application and be able to correctly install and replace these filters.


VII. Electronic Air Cleaners

The NCT will understand the operation and maintenance of this particular type of unit and be able to troubleshoot problems with the unit.


VIII. Gas Phase Filters

The NCT will understand the principles and concept of gas phase filtration. They will be able to identify the various types of media and understand the framing systems in which they are installed. They will be able to change these systems efficiency and safely with the installation of new media and/or replacement filters.


XI. Air Filter Pressure

The NCT will understand the pressure drop and end-of-service life of a filter. They will be familiar with the elements of life cycle costing of filters. They will know and be able to predict when the pressure in the system will necessitate filter change by manufacturer’s specifications.


X. Safety

The NCT will know, understand the need for, and be able to guard against the most common safety concerns with changing filters. They will be instructed on the proper use and application of personal protection equipment (PPE) equipment for changing filters and when and where it should be used. They will also know the common problem areas of changing filters and the hazards involved and will be able to utilize a checklist to prevent accidents in the workplace.


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Prerequisites: In order to complete the online (NCT) Accreditation Exam, Members is MUST purchase a current copy of the IOM Manual. If you do not have a current copy: Members may purchase an IOM manual (available in either English or Spanish) at the discount price of $58.00 per copy.


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